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Gastvortrag: On the Modularisation of Java Programs or: From Big Balls of Mud to Blocks of Lego

Prof. Dr. Jens Dietrich

Ort und Zeit:
13.06.2017, 13:15-14:45
Seminarraum 1,
Institutsgebäude (1. Obergerschoss),
Grimmaische Str. 12,
04109 Leipzig

Beschreibung: The vision of component-based software engineering is often described using the Lego block metaphor – complex applications are built by stacking together simple, re-usable and inexpensive parts. It turns out that it is not that easy – after almost 50 years (following Doug McIlroy's talk in 69), component-based software engineering is only slowly being adapted, and system with an architecture that resembles a “big ball of mud” are still prevalent. In this talk, I will explore techniques and tools that can be used to explore and measure (lack of) modularity, and to automate the modularisation of complex, real-world programs. I will also present the Massey Architecture Explorer, a web-based tool we have developed to aid the comprehension of the architecture and design of complex Java applications.

Biografie: Jens Dietrich is Associate Professor in the School of Engineering and Advanced Technology (SEAT) at Massey University in New Zealand. He has a MSc in Mathematics and a PhD in Computer Science both from the University of Leipzig, and multiple years of industry experience. His research interests are in the areas of static program analysis, software componentry, evolution and programming language security.
Die Veranstaltung ist, nach Platzverfügbarkeit, offen für alle Interessenten.

Folien: From Big Balls of Mud to Blocks of Lego

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