Advanced microeconomics




The lecture is based on the manuscript "Advanced Microeconomics" (chapter XVI is not covered in the course) but sometimes presentation in class and on the slides below is somewhat simpler than in the manuscript. The textbook by Geoffrey Jehle and Philip Reny (Advanced Microeconomic Theory) provides supplementary reading on a similar level. If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to address the assistants anytime.




Before the classes start, you may want to

  • work through the textbook on bachelor-level microeconomics by Harald Wiese (Mikroökonomik - Eine Einführung, Springer, 2010, 5. ed.) and/or through similar (English!) textbooks such as Varian (Intermediate Microeconomics), Perloff (Microeconomics), Schotter (Microeconomics) or Frank (Microeconomics and Behavior),
  • solve the exercises and past tests of bachelor-level microeconomics, and
  • consult the assistants for any questions that may arise.

In addition, you are invited to attend the lecture "Intermediate Microeconomics" (bachelor level). The language will be German.

1st Session: Budget; preferences (24.09.2018)

2nd Session: Household optimum; comparative statics; labour supply and savings (26.09.2018)

3rd Session: Production theory; costs; profit maximization (28.09.2018)

4th Session: Market demand; perfect competitive markets; first welfare theorem (02.10.2018)

5th Session: Compensating and equivalent variation; consumer and producer surplus; monopoly (03.10.2018)

6th Session: Game theory; oligopoly (06.10.2017)





Topics and slides

In brackets you find a more printer friendly version with a plain layout

Part A:     Basic decision and preference theory

Part B:      Household theory and theory of the firm

Part C:     Games and industrial organization

 Part D:     Bargaining theory and Pareto optimality

Part E:     Bayesian games and mechanism design

 Part F:     Perfect competition and competition policy

Part G:     Contracts and principal-agent theories


Exam winter term 2015/16 not on "adverse selection"


Pretest & Old Exams

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