microeconomics Erasmus paper  

There is the possibility for exchange students to obtain 5 ECTS by writing an Erasmus paper. In order to write such a paper at our chair, please contact Prof. Dr. Harald Wiese or the assistants to get a topic and more information.

Please notice, that the requirements include:

  • no plagiarism (cheaters are expelled)
  • no copy and paste
  • structured paper (introduction etc.)
  • literature from scientific journals and books
  • standard way to cite the literature
  • no help from third parties

More precisely, the reader of your paper should be provided with a basic knowledge about your topic. This involves not only the presentation of statistics or historical events, but also the discussion of important effects, explanation of significant interralations or (if applicable) the theoretical background. We strongly recommend to discuss your structure and contents with one of the assistants before handing in your paper (appointment arrangements via E-Mail).

The grade and credits are awarded for the paper and the discussion.

letzte Änderung: 17.08.2017