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M.U.D. M.Plan HMNOP Urban Designer | Maeva Baudoin

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Institut für Stadtentwicklung und Bauwirtschaft (ISB)
Maéva Baudoin

Urban Designer | M.U.D. M.Plan HMNOP

Raum I 312
Grimmaische Straße 12
04109 Leipzig

Telefon: +49 (0341) - 97 33 745

Focus Areas at the ISB

Discovering space and user analysis to develop recommendations for urban development.

Reviewing tools such as project rationale, mapping, life study, and graphic representation.

Making cities with and for the people.

Fields of Interest

Density and Intimacy in growing cities

Informal uses as resources towards creative and adaptable cities

Artistic and cultural strategies in the making of the cities

Professional Experience

Urban Designer, Planner @ SvN Architects + Planners 2017-8

Urban Designer, Planner @ Bousfields (Canada) 2014-6  

Urban Designer, Planner @ Métropole Architecture Paysage (France) 2012-3 

Urban Designer, Planner @ Atelier Metropolitano Jorge Jauregui (Brazil) 2011

Architect @ François Pinault Architecte Expert Judiciaire (France) 2010

Architect @ Alice Tricon Paysage (France) @ Senestudio (Senegal) 2009

Personal Initiatives

Seed It Yourself, Urban guerrilla, Toronto, 2017

Park(in) Day, Community event organized with self-founded SPUR Collective, Toronto, 2016

Incremental strategies for vertical neighborhoods, Conference-Workshop Felipe Balestra as guest with Architecture for Humanity, Toronto, 2014 

Correspondance 4333 Toronto-Santigo do Chile, virtual postcard exchange 2016

Blackout, Nuit Blanche, Community cultural event with the Junction Commons, Toronto 2014

Periscopes, Festival les Murs a Peches, Artistic installation, Montreuil 2013

Magic Carpets, Festival la Voix est Libre, Artistic installation, Montreuil 2013

Conferences organization with Centre SUD, Paris, 2011-2014


International Expertise, Institut Français d’Urbanisme, 2011

Licensed Architect HMONP, Ecole Supérieure Nationale d’Architecture Paris la Villette, 2010

Master of Architecture, Ecole Supérieure Nationale d’Architecture Paris la Villette, 2008

Bachelor of Architecture, Ecole Supérieure Nationale d’Architecture Paris la Villette, 2006

Erasmus exchange: College of Fine Arts Berlin, 2006


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