Das Seminar "Financial Development and Innovation in Developing Countries and Emerging Markets" findet im Sommersemester statt.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Volz
Date: 09.07.2021
Room: Online via Zoom
Language: English
To be graded: Term paper and student presentation
Deadline term paper: June 10, 2021; via mail to uv1(at)soas.ac.uk

International Economic Policy 07-202-2203
This seminar is one option (out of two) for the seminar of the module International Economic Policy.
Guidelines for the term paper can be found here.

Course Description

This seminar addresses topical issues in financial development and innovation in developing and emerging economies. Students are expected to conduct comprehensive literature research and prepare an essay and a presentation of no longer than 15 minutes.

Introduction and Term Paper Selection

There will be an introduction to the seminar on Tuesday, April 13, at 15:15 via zoom. Students will select term paper topics (see list below and of the two other seminars) and receive some information about the course of the seminar and relevant deadlines. Also, we will present some recommendations and guidelines for writing scientific papers.

Seminar introduction slides

Seminar topics



Discuss the causes of and the problems associated with dollarisation.


Has the microfinance revolution delivered on its promises?


Discuss the extent to which the mobile banking and payment revolution has affected the lives of the poor.


Discuss how FinTech and the blockchain technology can improve access to finance and support development.


Analyse the progress and challenges in developing local currency bond markets in developing and emerging economies.


Discuss the growing importance of Islamic finance. Does it provide a serious alternative to conventional finance?


Discuss the reasons why an increasing number of financial authorities in developing and emerging economies have started to take into account risks associated to climate change and environmental damage and promote green finance.


Can shadow banking in China trigger a major financial crisis?

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