Master Economics  

Study Environment

As well as one-to-one assistance from professors and mentors, the University of Leipzig also offers students an excellent infrastructure and the optimal environment in which to successfully complete their studies.

The University of Leipzig Library is one of Germany's oldest university libraries. The main library “Bibliotheca Albertina” with its impressive architecture and wide range of books and resources, there are 29 specialist libraries including the Economics Faculty Library. Here students have access to a large selection of books, periodicals and academic articles. Requests for readings can be made at any time. Periodicals and specialist articles are accessible via the Electronic Periodical Library (EZB). Also available are a wide range of macroeconomic data sources such as EcoWin and the International Financial Statistics from the IWF.

Leipzig is home to the largest branch of the German National Library. It contains copies of every German and German language text since 1913 without exception, all of which have been archived and made available for public viewing.

There are six computer pools at the Economics Faculty with a total of 65 computer workplaces. The PCs are all high performance units equipped with necessary peripheral devices. A wide range of software (both system and application) such as Mathlab, Eviews and Stata is available to all students at the faculty. All rooms within the faculty have wireless capability, allowing students to connect remotely to the university network.

The specialist language centre (Fachsprachenzentrum) offers all students the opportunity to improve their foreign language skills. Alongside general language courses, students can also attend numerous specialist language courses and gain necessary language certification in their field of study. The languages offered include English, French, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Czech, Greek, Danish, Swedish and Finnish.

Leipzig is renowned for its performance in university-level sports. Whether on a competitive level or simply as a free time and fitness activity, the University Sports Centre offers a vast array of sporting and fitness options.

The University of Leipzig also has 5 canteens and 12 cafeteriaat different locations throughout the city. Each location offers a minimum of four different dining options including at least one vegetarian option. The refurbished central canteen on Augustusplatz was opened recenty.

last update: 14.04.2014