Master Economics & Management Science Lyon/Leipzig  

Master of Science Economics and Management Science Lyon/Leipzig

In cooperation with the University Lumière Lyon 2, the University of Leipzig offers a binational program at the Master level.

The students spend their first year of program study in Lyon, where they will select one of the following fields for specialization:

  • Economy and Management
  • Economy and Society
  • Quantitative Economic Analysis
  • Financial World

The Students spend their second year in Leipzig, with an academic focus on either Economics or Management Science. The languages of instruction are French (first year) and German/English (second year).

In this rigorous international program, students enjoy an increased course selection available through two universities. They gain specialized knowledge as well as intercultural competence.  Upon successful completion of the program, graduates hold two European Master degrees.

Program Details

Degree: Master of Science
Duration of program: 4 semesters (2 years)
Start: Winter semester


1. Semester (Lyon)
Students select one of the following four study specializations

  • Finance
  • Économie et Management
  • Économie et Société
  • Économie Quantitative et Décision Stratégique

2. Semester (Lyon)

  • Continued study, coursework determined by selected study specialization

3. Semester (Leipzig)
Students choose between a specialization in a field of economics (VWL) or management science (BWL) at the University of Leipzig:

  • Applied Econometrics
  • Development Economics
  • Economic Policy
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Money, Credit and Banking
  • Banken, Versicherungen und Investment Management
  • Dienstleistung und Personalwirtschaft
  • Immobilienmanagement
  • Marketing, Distribution und Service
  • Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement
  • Unternehmensrechnung, Finanzierung und Besteuerung

4. Semester (Leipzig)
Continued study, coursework determined by selected study specialization

  • Master Thesis
  • Graduation with the conferral of two degrees:
    • Master of Science (University of Leipzig)
    • M2 (University Lumière Lyon 2)

Currently no enrolment

The University of Leipzig is suspending enrolment in the master programme in 2019. We ask for your understanding and recommend prospective students to consider the application for similar study programmes offered by the Franco-German University.

last update: 16.10.2018 

Program Adviser

Prof. Dr. Roland Schuhr
Institute of Empirical Economic Research
Chair of Statistics
Grimmaische Straße 12
Room I 250
04109 Leipzig, Germany

+49 (0)341 - 97 33 531
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