Master Programs  

In a Master program, students consolidate knowledge and skills developed in a Bachelor program, and can choose a new or more specialized academic focus as well as increase and sharpen their professional qualifications and profiles.

The following five Master programs are offered at our faculty:

  • The Master of Science in Management Science strengthens specific economic knowledge, abilities and skills. Students can choose from among six branches of specialized qualification, or earn a general degree in management science. 
  • The Master of Science in Economics offers a comprehensive education in economic theory and econometrics. It provides students with insight into the logistics of national economies and decision-making processes in economic policy. 
  • The Dual Master of Science in Economics and Management Science (Sciences Économiques) is a German-French program of the University of Leipzig in cooperation with the University Lumière Lyon 2. 
  • The Master of Science in Business Information Systems consolidates the knowledge and abilities previously developed in a respective Bachelor program. An integral part of the program is a focus on systems of application in the business administration and industrial sectors. 
  • The Master of Science in Business Education and Management Training qualifies future instructors in vocational schools. This program consists of courses in economics, management science, business information systems and business education and management training. Students are also provided with an introduction to processes in teaching, learning, qualification and education. 

More information about our Master programs, courses, curricula, application and admissions procedures is available on the following pages.

If you have general questions about studying at the University of Leipzig, please consult the members of the Students Service Center of the University of Leipzig.

If you have specific questions about our study programs, please contact the respective program advisers at our faculty.

last update: 12.03.2014 


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