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Innovative business creation workshops for young talents are part of the benefits offered by this new inter-institutional partnership linked to the WIR! project. SMILE, the entrepreneurship initiative of the University of Leipzig managed by the SEPT Competence Center, signed an inter-institutional partnership agreement to promote innovation in the handicraft sector in the Elbe Meißen region of Saxony.

This new partnership aims to transfer the operating formats of the WIR! funding project, which is focused on empowering the handicraft sector as a driver of innovation in the Meißen Elbe region, into long-term structures. Prof. Dr. Utz Dornberger, as a board member of the WIR! project and director of the SEPT Competence Center, was elected vice-chairman of the association's board.

SMILE is in charge of the business start-up workshop, which promotes the creation of innovative businesses in the handicraft sector and offers awareness-raising and qualification formats for young talents in the region.