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In times of an internationalizing world economy, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have more opportunities to conquer new markets. Moreover, the level of innovation, compliance of product parameters, and high-quality products of German enterprises are often unrivalled. To use this advantage over often significantly larger competitors, SMEs require top personnel among export and sales managers specialized in international business.

Answering this demand, the Export Management Advanced Training (EMAT) has the aim to expand and round off existing export management knowledge by developing skills in areas like export planning and management, international negotiation skills, intercultural competencies, export financing, export logistics, customs issues, among others.

To ensure the practical dimension of the project we bring German small and medium-sized companies and participants closer together. The SME will deliver a business case in the fields of International Trade and Export Management that the group of participants will use as their case study during the training to gradually develop an International Business Model and a Market Entry Plan. Startups and founders can work on their own business cases.

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