In this section, we would like to introduce some of the research activities conducted at our faculty. We emphasize that the information contained in this section constitutes a mere selection from a broad variety of current projects. You can obtain additional and more detailed information on the homepage of the relevant institute, or on inquiry from our professors and assistants.

Our faculty hosts several Additional Professorships and Joint Chairs, the recipients of which concern themselves closely with specialized issues in the fields of economics and management science.

The subsection Faculty Papers contains research publications by our professors and assistants.  These are not changed at regular intervals, but are updated as needed.

We also want to give you the chance to learn about some of our Research Projects funded by third-party resources.

An overview of the Dissertations at our faculty gives an impression of the interests and accomplishments of our young researchers.

In the subsection Events you will find announcements of congresses, conferences and unique lecture series of interest to scientists and experts, as well as those open to the general public. This subsection is available in German only.

last update: 23.11.2016