Dr. Tim Starke

Dr. Tim Starke

Research Fellow

Neues Augusteum
Augustusplatz 10, Room A 132
04109 Leipzig

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Dr. Tim Starke has been a research associate at the Institute of Public Finance and Public Management at the University of Leipzig since 2015. As part of his research activities, he specialized in the field of municipal finance and, in particular, municipal fiscal equalization and subsequently contributed to numerous publications and expert opinions of the Chair of Finance. In 2020, he received his doctorate in economics on the topic of "Determining the Financial Needs of Municipalities and Cities in Horizontal Municipal Fiscal Equalization with a Focus on Demographic Development".

He is a member of the Competence Center Public Economy, Infrastructure and Services of General Interest.

Professional career

  • 10/2010 - 07/2014
    Tutor for Statistics & Probability and Econometrics at the Institute for Empirical Research in Economics
  • 04/2012 - 02/2015
    Research Assistant at the Institute of Public Finance and Public Management
  • since 03/2015
    Research Associate at the Institute of Public Finance and Public Management


  • 10/2009 - 09/2013
    Studies of economics (Bachelor of Science) at the University of Leipzig
  • 10/2013 - 03/2016
    Studies of economics (Master of Science) at the University of Leipzig
  • 08/2017 - 07/2020
    PhD Thesis on the topic: 'Determination of the financial needs of municipalities and cities in horizontal municipal financial equalization with a focus on demographic development' at the University of Leipzig (summa cum laude)

Panel Memberships

  • since 08/2015
    Member of the Competence Center Public Economy, Infrastructure and Services of General Interest
  • since 03/2021
    Member of the Tenure Board of the Professorship "Health Economics and Management"

Dr. Tim Starke conducts research on a variety of topics and methodologies. His main focus is on municipal finance and municipal fiscal equalization, on which he regularly publishes journal articles, book chapters and expert reports. Furthermore, he deals with the broad topic of public economics, where he researches, for example, on public investment (and among them especially municipal infrastructure) as well as municipal interest and debt management.

  • Starke, T.
    Bestimmung des Finanzbedarfs von Gemeinden und Städten im horizontalen Kommunalen Finanzausgleich mit Fokus auf die demografische Entwicklung
    Doctoral thesis. 2020
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  • Hesse, M.; Starke, T.; Glinka, P.; Jänchen, I.
    Prosperierende Städte, abgehängte Regionen? Eine empirische Untersuchung von Wirtschaftskraft und Steuerkraft
    Wirtschaftsdienst. 2019. 99 (10). pp. 703-710
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  • Lenk, T.; Starke, T.; Hesse, M.
    Kommunaler Finanzausgleich - vertikale und horizontale Verteilung, Strukturprinzipien und Wirkungen
    Haushalts- und Finanzwirtschaft der Kommunen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Berlin: Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag. 2019. pp. 325-358
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  • Jänchen, I.; Starke, T.
    Kommunale Ausgabenlasten und Einnahmenpotenziale durch Pendlerbewegungen - Ist ein Ausgleich erforderlich?
    In: Junkernheinrich, M.; Korioth, S.; Lenk, T.; Scheller, H.; Woisin, M. (Eds.)
    Jahrbuch für öffentliche Finanzen 2-2020 . Berlin: Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag. 2020. pp. 391-405
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  • Starke, T.
    Ausgabenseitige Effekte der demografischen Entwicklung auf die Kommunalfinanzen
    Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft. 2021. 31 (4). pp. 507-537
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more publications

Together with Prof. Dr. Lenk, Dr. Tim Starke is responsible for the elective module "Finanzwissenschaft: Ausgabenlehre", which is aimed at Bachelor students in the fifth semester. The first part of the lecture and exercise deals with the basics of government activity, national accounts, the theory of public enterprises and explanatory approaches to government activity. Building on this, the second part of the lecture deals with public finance in the Federal Republic, including, for example, the justification of the allocation of public tasks to the individual levels of government, the federal fiscal equalization system, the municipal fiscal equalization system and the debt brake.

In addition, he supports the seminars in the modules "Allocative Fiscal Policy" and "Distributive and Stability-Oriented Fiscal Policy," which are aimed at master's students. Furthermore, he occasionally substitutes for lectures in the bachelor's compulsory modules "Introduction to Economics" and "Finance: Revenue Theory".

Dr. Starke also teaches at the Meissen University of Public Administration and Law in the module "Applied Fiscal Policy" on the topic of government revenue and expenditure policy at the federal, state and local levels.