Radio-based applications - RFID, sensor systems and localization

In current time communication technology plays an important role in many areas of life. The fast developments in the field of microelectronics and the interconnection of intelligent object in many areas has reached a mature stage. Smartphone, computer or the navigation system, anywhere is a constant communication and interaction established.

FubA is the german abbreviation of Radio bases Applictions.

These research group focuses on the use of radio systems for identification (RFID), condition monitoring (sensor systems) and (real-time) localization (RTLS) of objects. The main research theme is the development of innovative applications in the logistic industry. Through the integration of intelligent objects in the logistic process chain the core problems such as loss, theft, bullwhip effects or late deliveries can be solved. By providing (real-time) information along the supply chain can reacted immediatly to not planned events and thus realizes a monitoring in real time. Goal of the research group is to develop new concepts and innovative solutions which combine, for example, information flows with the flows of goods and thereby enable intelligent goods.

Since 2007 the research group is been operating with a RFID Lab, which is used for feasibility studies and research projects, as well as workshops with companies and students. The lab has a variety of devices (barcode readers, RFID readers, transponders, RFID printers, etc.), sensors and software. As part of the development of RFID laboratory research topics have been extended to the areas of sensors and localization. In the future the RFID Lab will integrate the newly created living lab.

In the Living Lab a complete logistics supply chain is mapped. This System can be used for logistic IT systems, as well as a RFID and sensor systems to control and optimize the logistics processes are based on radio.

Interested parties can contact Dr. Steffi Donath.