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The Information Systems Institute (IWI) was founded in 2004 and comprises four chairs and approx. 40 employees. IWI offers a bachelor and a master of science degree in business information systems and pursues applied research in numerous projects. IWI collaborates with many well-knows companies as well as national and international research institutes.


22.09.2020: EM 30/3 on business models published

The September issue of Electronic Markets (30/3) with 13 articles in the areas of „business model tooling“, „business models for multi-sided platforms“ and „privacy in digital platforms“ is now available. Four papers are...[more]

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10.07.2020: Track on Digital Markets and Platforms at WI2021

A conference track at the International Conference Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI2021) on digital markets and platforms will be organized by Rainer Alt, Armin Heinzl (University of Mannheim) and Christof Weinhardt (Karlsruhe...[more]

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10.07.2020: Interview in Electronic Markets with EEX

Issue 30/2 of Electronic Markets an interview with European Energy Exchange (EEX), a leading provider of an electronic market in the area of power trading. Professor Rainer Alt and Dr. Erik Wende met Dr. Dr. Tobias Paulun,...[more]

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08.07.2020: EM issue 30/2 on blockchain published

The second issue of Electronic Markets contains a special issue on the potentials of blockchain technology with eight papers. Among others, they focus on terminology, token-based ecosystems, the impact on business models as...[more]

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29.05.2020: Outstanding reviewer and paper of the year awards 2019

Electronic Markets is pleased to announce the outstanding reviewers and the papers of the year for 2019. Based on elaborate and constructive review work two outstanding reviewers were selected for 2019: Professor Dr. Maria...[more]

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20.04.2020: 30-years jubilee issue of EM published

With the first issue of volume 30, the scientific journal Electronic Markets is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The issue contains a collection of eighteen articles, which are organized in two main parts. The first ten papers...[more]

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07.04.2020: Minitracks at the HICSS conference 2021

The Chair Application Systems in Business and Administration (IWI-AS) is involved in the organization of three minitracks at The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS). Social Information Systems...[more]

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