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Leipzig University and SEPT Competence Center launched in November 2020 the Exports Management Advanced Training (EMAT) programme. In this space, SEPT MBA students and alumni exchanged ideas to support German SMEs to bring their products and services into new markets. The EMAT was enriching both for our students and alumni, who, through the training, were able to expand their knowledge in international business and internationalisation and Saxon SMEs, who received from SEPT students and alumni fresh ideas to reach new markets and make their business models more efficient.

Every company provided a unique case study for the participants. One of success stories is the case of TicToys. This innovative company is based in Leipzig and develops and manufactures sports games and puzzles for children and adults.  The company aimed to enter the Swedish market, and thanks to EMAT, the company gained valuable and targeted information about the Swedish customer along with an exhaustive market analysis which displays the best entrance modes according to factors such as population, culture and income, and the advantages and disadvantages of this market. On the other hand, participants were able to get a direct insight into the challenges of a young and innovative company.

In total 6 working groups developed short export plans for 5 exporting companies from automotive, healthcare, toy and e-commerce industry in Saxony.

The next edition of Export Management Advanced Training is going to be launched in Autumn 2021.

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