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Congratulation to our PhD Student Nguyen Thi Phuong and Prof. Dr. Dornberger for winning the Best Paper Award in the 9th International Conference on Emerging Challenges: Business Transformation and Circular Economy (ICECH 2021) for the paper: Impact of International Transfer Projects in Developing Vocational Education and Trainings in Vietnam.

The paper is implemented to understand the impact of international transfer projects in developing vocational education & training in Vietnam. In order to deeply understand the VET system and its development in Vietnam, the authors conducted individual depth-interview with experts who have had experience and knowledge in the field of VET in Vietnam.

The main findings show that via adapting study programs, transferring methodologies in teaching and assessing, training the trainers, and investing in labs or school buildings and machines the Vietnamese VET system has been further developed in order to meet more and more international standards. However, there are still several weaknesses which mainly come from the inconsistency of planning strategies and actions plan in development towards implementing international transfer projects in VET; the gap between the rich and the poor among the population groups and their awareness toward VET; unmatched and not-adapted general capacity of Vietnamese VET teachers and learners to requirements set.