Class starts on 2 November 2020 as an Online Seminar and will be provided via BigBlueButton (Moodle).

Welcome to the Seminar Contemporary Theory of Financial Intermediation. Here you find dates when the seminar takes place and additional information as well as material.

Instructor: M. Sc. Jan Bruch

Monday 11:15 am  -- 12:45 pm

Start: 02.11.2020
Language: English
Room: Online
Exam: Term Paper(5 ETCS-Credits)



The seminar aims at students who want to gain theoretical knowledge about the existence of banks and other financial intermediaries. The seminar presents microeconomic tools and models which describe and explain aspects of financial intermediaries. In particular: the bank as deposit taking and lending institution; bank runs; how banks and rating agencies help credit rationed firms and how banks affect the macroeconomy.Hence, the following contents are lectured:

  • Basic Concepts
  • Explanation for the Existence of Banks
  • Credit Rationing I: Banks and Capital Constraint Firms
  • Credit Rationing II: Adverse Selection and Banks
  • Beyond Banks - Certification and Rating Agencies


  • Greenbaum, S.I., Thakor, A.V., Boot, A.W.A., 2019. Contemporary Financial Intermediation, 4th ed. , Elsevier/Academic Press, San Diego
  • Tirole, J. (2006): The Theory of Corporate Finance, Oxford.


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