Here you find all important information and course material.

Description: This seminar discusses various topics from the fields of the students' interests. The course topic for the learning agreement and the transcript of records is "Flipped Clossroom: Topics in xy" where xy can be suggested to Prof. Wiese. For example, you might choose "cost accounting", "marketing for network goods", "cooperative game theory", "repeated games", "international trade", or similar topics. 

The presentations and the paper (see below) cannot be only descriptive, but will focus on theoretical approaches, with the concrete development of theories

  • in terms of graphs depicting the main theoretical elements,
  • in terms of mathematical formulae, derived and explained

Just "talk about theories" will not do. 

Format and requirements: Each student is asked to

  • regularly attend meetings
  • give three carefully graded presentations (you want your fellow students to learn from you!) related to his or her field of study (topic):
    • about 30 minutes (or a bit longer if time permits)
    • slides recommended
    • use your own computer (free format, HDMI output) or USB-stick (PDF only)
    • send an electronic version (PDF only) to EMAIL to Prof. Wiese (who will forward it to all participants about a week before the presentation)
  • offer comments on the presentations of fellow students: 
    • open problems and questions 
    • errors (if there are any)
    • different perspectives on the topic
    • related questions or topics
  • hand in an essay of that is (directly or tangentially) linked to the topic chosen by the student or elaborates on that topic (within 10 weeks after the first meeting):
    • 10-20 pages
    • no plagiarism (cheaters are expelled from the seminar)
    • no copy and paste
    • structured paper (introduction etc.)
    • literature from scientific journals and books
    • standard way to cite and quote literature (examples are found here and here, or see the following slides).
    • no help from third parties
  • The grade and the credits (max. 5 credits) are awarded for all the above.

Registration: Please WRITE AN EMAIL to Harald Wiese with

  • a topic
  • a rough sketch of the three presentations or subtopics (can be changed later on)
  • a rough idea of how the essay will be structured (can be changed later on)

The number of participants is restricted to 10.