Summer Term

Advanced Software Engineering (07-203-1103) (L/E)

The module Advanced Software Engineering comprises the lectures Advanced Software Technology, Requirements Engineering and Software Ergonomics. The lecture Advanced Software Technology delves into sophisticated methods and...[more]

Category: Master englisch, Sommersemester englisch

Research Colloquium Software Engineering (07-203-1104) (S)

The colloquium serves students to present and discuss their theses, especially in the areas of software visualization, generative software development and e-assessment.Details: materials:...[more]

Category: Master englisch, Sommersemester englisch, Wintersemester englisch

Software System Families and Product Lines(07-203-4210) (Generative Software Development / Software Visualization (S))

Generative Software Development aims at the automated production of software systems and their components based on software system families and product lines. The following concepts will be covered in detail: relevant processes...[more]

Category: Master englisch, Sommersemester englisch

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