Winter Term

Introduction to Informatics (07-102-1101) (L)

The introduction to informatics comprises the internal representation of information in computer systems and its processing, basics of hard- and software as well as first insights into algorithms and software engineering. Further...[more]

Category: Bachelor englisch, Wintersemester englisch

Scientific Working in Software Engineering (07-102-1102) (COL)

The colloquium serves students to present and discuss their theses, especially in the areas of software visualization, generative software development and e-assessment. Details: Teaching...[more]

Category: Bachelor englisch, Wintersemester englisch, Sommersemester englisch

Software Engineering (07-102-3102) (L/E)

Presented are selected, relevant and current views on software engineering and software development processes in methods, notations and techniques. In addition, an overview of analysis and design patterns and their application is...[more]

Category: Bachelor englisch, Wintersemester englisch

Structured Programming (07-102-2101) (E-Learning)

The structure of programmes, variables and datatypes, operators, statements, control structures, pre-processor, functions, structs, debugging, arrays, dynamic memory management and the concept of abstract datatypes are presented....[more]

Category: Bachelor englisch, Wintersemester englisch

Summer Term

Distributed Applications Development (07-102-4102) (L/E)

Treated topics are concurrent programming, theoretical basics concerning communication, dimensions of transparency and important aspects with distributed systems and application-oriented middleware. Further, Java is introduced as...[more]

Category: Bachelor englisch, Sommersemester englisch

Object-oriented and Generic Programming (07-102-2102 ) (L/E)

Topics of this course are object life cycle, simple and multiple inheritance, virtual base classes, overloading, overwriting, static and late binding of functions, class variables and functions, pure virtual functions, nested...[more]

Category: Bachelor englisch, Sommersemester englisch

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