Architecture Recovery and Variability Mining in Software Generators

In the research project AmAVaG, we analyze macro-based software generators. The development of some of these generators started in the 1970s or 80s and are still used today. The understanding of these generators is an important prerequisite of their replacement.


AmAVaG is a cooperation between business and research.

The cooperations consists of:

– University of Leipzig, Chair of Software Engineering

Delta Software Technology GmbH

Christian Bucholdt, independent IT consultant and Ph.D student


As part of AmAVaG we develop a conceptual solution and implementation for the analysis of existing macro-based generators.

The main challenge is to find a solution flexible enough to handle different generators still in use today.

On the other side, we need scalable solution to handle even large generators. Some of the generators are used to create millions of lines of COBOL code. The generators themselve are of such complexity, they require a tool-supported analysis. A manual analysis is economically infeasible.


January 2013 till December 2014


You can find more information on the website of our partner Delta Software Technology GmbH.



Grant Number 01IS12043