Master of Science (M.Sc.) Buisiness Information

The "Master of Business Information Systems" (M.Sc.) takes four semesters and enables students to upgrade their qualifications for special careers and further scientific works. Emphasis will be put on deepening the knowledge in all three branches of information systems: application systems, information systems and software development. Seminars and project seminars ensure a scientific and practice oriented formation. Therefore an intensive cooperation with the Faculty of Computer Science and regional and national businesses exists.


The four Institutes of Information Systems of the University Göttingen, Kassel, Leipzig and Saarbrücken want to establish an educational network between German universities.

The educational network will focus on the internet based formation and further qualification in the field of information systems Therefore a pool with educational material will be created for the field of information systems. In this pool you will find separate multimedia edited units as well as complete online courses.

The pool with educational material will be extended by creating new educational material in Cooperation with other institutes and by acquiring already existing online courses. 

A participant in the educational network can be both provider and demander. The educational network Winfoline makes it possible for other providers to choose from a greater variety concerning broadness and deepness of the educational offerings.

The educational network offers the opportunity to do an online postgraduate course in information systems. This course is demand oriented and addresses professionals and alumni.

last update: 23.10.2017