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23.10.18 14:30

Visual Software Analytics: Application-oriented Research

The research group "Visual Software Analytics" has worked together with the master student Tino Mewes as well as with Dirk Mahler (buschmais GbR), Michael Hunger (Neo4j Inc.), Jens Nerche (Kontext E GmbH), and Markus Harrer (innoQ Deutschland GmbH) to develop a dashboard for Software Analysis and Visualization. The dashboard supports project leaders and software architects in decision-making. It provides interactive views concerning architecture and dependencies as well as resource, risk, and quality management. The resulting publication "Towards an Open Source Stack to Create a Unified Data Source for Software Analysis and Visualization" was presented by the research group leader Dr. Richard Müller on September 24, 2018 at the IEEE conference VISSOFT in Madrid.

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