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The Information Systems Institute (IWI) was founded in 2004 and comprises four chairs and approx. 40 employees. IWI offers a bachelor and a master of science degree in business information systems and pursues applied research in numerous projects. IWI collaborates with many well-knows companies as well as national and international research institutes.


05.05.2017: Electronic Markets Outstanding Reviewers 2016

For the fourth time already, the journal "Electronic Markets" has awarded the outstanding reviewer for 2016. Based on an evaluation of the reviews submitted to papers in the year 2016, the feedback of three...[more]

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05.05.2017: Electronic Markets Papers of the Year 2016

Among all the exciting contributions to Electronic Markets it is always hard to choose the best papers of the year. This year the editors of Electronic Markets selected two papers as outstanding of all articles in 2016: ...[more]

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10.11.2016: Issue 26/4 of EM available

This year's final issue of Electronic Markets has been published and is now available online. It includes a collection of four research papers, as well as a position paper on Emerging online educational models and the...[more]

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09.11.2016: 5. Information Systems Lecture, 14.11.16 (15:15)

The fifth Information Systems Lecture presents research from Professor Dr. Emílio José Montero Arruda Filho on the role of green attributes in customer purchase intentions. Dr. Emílio José Montero Arruda Filho is a Professor at...[more]

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05.08.2016: Issue 26/3 of EM available

The latest Electronic Markets issue is now available: Volume 26, Issue 3, August 2016. This issue includes a collection of six articles, a preface and the editorial. Four articles as well as the freely available preface...[more]

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15.07.2016: Proceedings of BIS 2016 available

The 19th International Conference on Business Information Systems (BIS 2016) has successfully taken place at Leipzig University from July 6-8, 2016 with: Presentations of 34 reviewed academic papers in eight conference...[more]

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04.11.2015: Winners of Banking IT-Innovation Award 2015

On October 21, the competence center „Sourcing in the Financial Industry” of the Universities of Leipzig and St. Gallen awarded the fifth Banking IT Innovation Award at this year’s Business Engineering Forum in Zurich. This...[more]

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