The chair offers modules for Bachelor and Master courses in Business Information Systems, Business Administration, Economics and Economic Education.

Lectures provide basic and methodological knowledge to students. They serve as the base for understanding scientific approaches and applying them to specific questions. Exercises and seminars accompany lectures and introduce specific topics in a practical context as well as tools to support problem solving.

Guest lectures, excursions and summer schools deepen und broaden topics of the lectures.

An overview of currently offered lectures, exercices and seminars in winter and summer semesters for Bachelor and Master courses is given in the following table:

Winter SemesterSummer Semester

Information Systems in Logistics (Lecture)

Information Systems in Logistics (Seminar)

MasterBusiness Game Supply Chain Management

Logistics Service Systems (Lecture)

Logistics Service Systems (Seminar)

Logistics Service Systems  (Exercise)

Business Game Supply Chain Management

last update: 19.03.2015