Guest Lectures  

Guest Lectures

In the context our lectures partners from industry regularly present real-world problems and solutions in guest lectures. You find an overview of current and past guest lectures here:

Current Guest Lectures: 

  • none

Past Guest Lectures:

  • 28.10.2014: Logistikprozesse eines führenden E-Commerce Unternehmens (Amazon Distributions GmbH)
  • 05.06.2014: IT Systems for the Spare Parts Logistics at the Lufthansa Cargo AG (Salt Solutions GmbH)
  • 03.07.2014: Monitoring and Government of Intermodal Transport Networks (CSD Transport Software GmbH)
  • 22.05.2014; Business-IT Plans in Logistics (Senacor Technologies AG)
  • 15.05.2014: Practise Report Logistics Outsourcing (LOGISTIKPLAN GmbH)
  • 08.05.2014: On-Demand Logistics Plattforms (Salt Solutions GmbH)
  • 17.12.2013: Fleetboard & Telematik (IT Sonix AG)
  • 12.12.2013: Practise report about logistics function of a service company (Senacor Technologies GmbH)
  • 28.11.2013: LogBase: cloud based warehouse management solutions and mobile logistics applications in practise (Salt Solutions GmbH)
  • 07.11.2013: Practise report about requirements and integration scenarios of a modern transport management system (Salt Solutions GmbH)
  • 30.05.2013: Analysing and Optimising Logistics Systems with LogBase Business Analytics (Salt Solutions GmbH)
  • 23.05.2013: Controlling in intermodal transportation networks (CSD Management Consulting GmbH)
  • 07.05.2013: Planning and Controlling Logistics Networks with PSI:global, PSI:TMS, PSI:WMS (PSI Logistics GmbH)
  • 13.12.2012: Business-IT Plans in Logistics (Senacor Technologies AG)
  • 29.11.2012: Fleetboard & Telematic (IT Sonix AG)
  • 15.11.2012: Simulation in Logistics (INCONTROL Simulation Solutions)
  • 01.11.2012: Analysing and Optimising Logistics Systems with LogBase Business Analytics (Salt Solutions GmbH)

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