Living Lab  

LSEM Living Lab

A Living Lab is a kind of a research method. It creates an environment adapting real live conditions to encourage creativity and innovation capacity in research and development by involving several stakeholders. The main idea is to incorporate systematically various requirements and abilities in a common research-value creation process in order to understand and design innovation processes.

The goal of the LSEM Living Lab is to adapt the real live conditions of the logistics and service sector to support and encourage the  research and development process in research projects such as Logistics-Service-Engineering & Management (LSEM). The utilization of the method living lab in the project LSEM for instance involves the several stakeholders in distributed logistics provider networks. It permits the creation and evaluation of the entire service process concerning its performance, potential for improvement and synergies. As an open space it integrates research artifacts of distinct sources to support innovation finding. Furthermore it enables to try out and to mix and combine ideas, scenarios and concepts. The LSEM Living Lab offers not only  a physical space to test and validate research findings like the LSEM platform but it also helps involving potential users like cargo shippers, loaders, forwarders and receivers in the research and development process. It is planned to prototypically develop the methods, models and exemplary tools step by step in the context of the LSEM Living Lab.

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last update: 19.03.2015