Endowed Chair  

Endowed Chair

The endowed chair at the Information Systems Institute focuses in research and education on logistics information systems. In our teaching program students learn about basics in logistics and about all types of information systems in logistics. Our research activities address the broad area of IT-based engineering and management of logistics service systems.

The endowed chair is funded by six founders and strongly involved in third-party funded research projects on national and international level.

To support our teaching and research activities a novel Logistics Living Lab is used. The Logistics Living Lab is an open innovation space dedicated to collaborative development involving all stakeholders within a logistics supply chain.

The endowed chair is characterized by close collaboration with the logistics service provider market and research partners on regional, national and international level. For example, the endowed chair is member of the Network Logistics Leipzig/Halle and the German Logistics Association BVL

last update: 19.03.2015