Prof. Dr. Bogdan Franczyk  


The chair for information management provides the module "Web Techniques I" for students of business information systems. In this lecture basic web technologies such as XML, HTML and CSS are treated. In the 6th semester this knowledge will be continued by the modules  "Web Techniques II" and "Web Science".

For students of economics in the 1st Semester the lecture "Application programming" is offered as part of the module "Introduction to business information systems". Here simple applications on the basis of databases will be developed. The lecture will be accompanied by a practical exercise.

Vorlesungen Wintersemester

Lecture: Application Programming

The lecture treats the development and programming of simple application based on database systems. Methods for modeling of data structures and implementation using Microsoft Access will be taught. The lecture will be offered as part of the module 1, "Introduction to business computer systems" for students of the first semester of economic science.

Vorlesungen Sommersemester

Lecture: Web Techniques IThe course gives an introduction to the relevant web applications of e-business. There are presented the basic concepts of Web technologies and deept by different practical examples. The first lecture on e-business focuses on client-side technologies such as HTML and XML document models, the layout and presentation technologies, CSS and XSL, and scripting with JavaScript.


Lecture: Web Techniques II

There are presented the basic concepts of Web technologies The different concepts will be deept practical by different examples. The second module to Web technologies focused on server-side technologies such as CGI and FastCGI, and various web frameworks. Furthermore, will be given insight into the workings of content management systems.

Lecture: Web Science

There are presented basic concepts of Web technologies and deept by different examples. The module "Web Science" introduces advanced technologies such as the Semantic Web technologies RDF and RDF Schema, OWL and Topic Maps. Furthermore, Web Services and REST services are tought.

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