Prof. Dr. Bogdan Franczyk  

current research projects


The goal of the joint research project 'LogiLeit' is to provide firm support (models, methods, tools) for monitoring and real-time control of logistics systems for value-added logistics service providers as well as companys offering and outsourcing logistics. The focus is on the development of a control center based management system for control, monitoring and tracking of supply chains - which are offered as value-added logistics services - via integrated identification, tracking and sensor systems.

Among the main scientific goals are:

  • the development of the overall approach to the management of the console center,
  • the development of the approach for event handling based on complex event processing,
  • the development of a simulation concept based on real-time data and
  • the development of solutions for analysis of value-added logistics services after service execution (QoS profile)

10.000 Smart Meters

  • Project manager: Dr. Andrej Werner
  • Project sponsor: SAB
  • Duration: 01.09.2012 - 31.08.2014

Preliminary findings in installation and use of intelligent consumption meters (smart meters) in Germany are so far limited on a few pilot tests of low extent. As part of this project a mass provision of thousands of smart meters takes place first in the model region Leipzig. The research team accompanies a metering point operator at the rollout of the meters and identifies potentials for industrial process optimization. Furthermore, the capabilities of smart meters for increasing energy efficiency among consumers as well as new services and pricing models for consumers and energy suppliers are in the focus of research.
Among the main scientific goals are:

  • findings on mass rollout and operation of smart meters,
  • process analysis and optimization for smart meter stakeholders and users,
  • development of innovative products and services based on smart metering

Cockpit for 10.000 Energy Resources

  • Project manager: Dr. Andrej Werner
  • Project sponsor: SAB
  • Duration: 01.08.2012 - 31.07.2014
  • URL:

In cooperation with Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum (DBFZ), situated in Leipzig, the research team works on solutions concerning automated performance indemnification in a network of one thousand distributed energy resources by using a ICT cockpit approach based on the concept of Supply Chain Management (SCM).
Among the main scientific goals are:

  • conception and validation of a communication interface for distributed energy resources based on IEC 61850,
  • creation of a key performance indicator system for the cockpit system,
  • development of a simulation concept based on real time data,
  • field-testing the cockpit prototype


  • Project manager: Prof. André Ludwig
  • Project sponsor: Central Europe, Europäische Union
  • Duration: 01.07.2012 - 31.12.2014
  • URL: tbd.

ESSENCE (eServices Easy to Shape and Empower SME Networks in Central Europe) aims at efficiency problems in supply and distribution networks, which are operated by SMEs in different industry sectors. These problems arise from static network configuration, habitual placing of orders, non-optimal transport handling and slow exchange of information. ESSENCE is responding to these problems by developing e-business, e-networking and e-logistics services as a cornerstone for the competitiveness and growth of SMEs. The vision of ESSENCE is a distributed open architecture that is instantiated by regional installations of an ICT platform to enhance SME collaboration.



  • Project manager: Dr. Steffi Donath
  • Project sponsor: SAB
  • Partner: IT Sonix AG, TALK-ID RFID & Sensor Technology
  • Duration: 01.05.2012 - 30.04.2014

The aim of the research project is the development and evaluation of new telematics systems for use in motorcycle racing. In particular, the use of sensors and radio-controlled data transmission for protective clothing used by racers in motocross are investigated. The task of the University of Leipzig in this project is mainly the research and evaluation of suitable sensors and RFID tags for data collection and the development of a concept for the use of these technologies in motorsport.



  • Project manager: Prof. Bogdan Franczyk
  • Project sponsor: Central Europe
  • Duration: 01.05.2011 - 31.10.2014

The project LOGICAL aims at improving the cooperation of individual logistics companies at individual logistics locations, as well as between established logistics regions in Europe. Here the central focus lies on the development of an innovative information and communication platform for the logistics industry based on the cloud computing approach. The goal of the project LOGICAL is to improve the interoperability of logistics companies of different sizes to improve the competitiveness of the Central European logistics hub. This is done by reducing transaction costs based on a logistics cloud (better access to the logistics IT systems of partner companies), as well as the development of common and sustainable logistics business models between different transport carriers (establishment of multi-modal logistics cooperations).