Prof. Dr. Bogdan Franczyk  

Living Lab

A Living Lab is an environment modeled after a real-life environment which promotes the ability for innovation and creativity in research and development work by strong involvement through different actors. The concept of the Living Lab is based on the central idea that different actors and their requirements, needs and skills in a real-life environment are systematically integrated into a research value chain and to create innovation processes based on this.

The aim of the LSEM Living Lab is to create an enviroment which is based on the actual environmental conditions of the logistics services sector to support the creative research and development process in research projects like Logistics Service Engineering & Management (LSEM). The use of the Living Lab as a research methodology in the LSEM project for instance involves the different actors of spezialized value-added logistics and allows to evaluate and to model the overall service in terms of performance, improvement potentials and synergies. As an open space for the promotion of innovation finding it integrates research artifacts from various sources and enables the testing and re-combining of ideas, concepts and scenarios. The LSEM Living Lab provides the physical space not only to test and validate research results like the examplary LSEM platform, but also to involve potential users like cargo shippers, receivers or logistics service providers into the research and development process. It is planned to develop the methodologies, models and exemplary tools prototypically and to gradually refine them in the context of LSEM Living Labs.

The LSEM Living Lab is currently in design and is expected to open in February 2013.