Project Overview - Smart Sensor-based Digital Ecosystem Services

The Smart Sensor-based Digital Ecosystem Services project (S2DES), launched in October 2016, focuses on the economic use of sensor data beyond domain boundaries and is part of the funding program InnoTeam, supported by the Sächsische Aufbaubank.

The consortium, consisting of a variety of scientific and business partners, addresses the question: which benefits arise when using sensor data beyond domain boundaries and how can these benefits be used comprehensively. An example are agricultural enterprises that can not only exchange data on soil quality, pest infestation, and other growth-influencing factors but can also combine environmental data with other data and results from research projects in order to optimize their yields. The same applies to other fields: information from home automation (Smart Home) can be used not only by residents (e.g. home control, lighting control or energy saving via intelligent systems) but also by other service providers, e.g. mobile nursing services or family services. Through information exchange and the overcoming of domain boundaries, significant benefits can be created from already existing information.

Here, smart, highly flexible and modular information systems provide the basis for a successful implementation. These information systems support the provision and use of sensor data by different user groups, process large amounts of data, integrate expert knowledge in terms of methods as needed, and offer cooperative marketplace functionalities for economic use. During the project, the reference architecture required for this purpose and the appropriate integrated models for a platform used by various companies will be developed. Another goal of S2DES is the development of a qualification concept for companies that want to use data and/or methods in a network beyond domain boundaries. For this, validation scenarios play an important role since they are used for the development and testing of these comprehensive concepts within the three domains ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY, and HEALTH.

The project, initiated by professor Rainer Alt and professor Bogdan Franczyk of the Institute for Business Informatics at the University of Leipzig, unites numerous research facilities and innovative companies from Saxony as well as numerous associated validation partners. Core partners include the chair of Application Systems in Business and Administration and Information Management at the Institute for Business Informatics and, furthermore, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, the Institute for Applied Informatics, Agri Con GmbH, Data Virtuality GmbH, Meier-NT GmbH, SQL Projekt AG, and GmbH.

Duration: 10/2016 - 09/2020

Project website:

Funding: Sächsische AufbauBank (SAB) / Europäischer Sozialfonds (ESF)

Project members:
Prof. Dr. Rainer Alt
Olaf Reinhold
Sebastian Bär

last update: 07.09.2018 


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