05.05.2017: Electronic Markets Papers of the Year 2016

Among all the exciting contributions to Electronic Markets it is always hard to choose the best papers of the year. This year the editors of Electronic Markets selected two papers as outstanding of all articles in 2016: ...[more]

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18.04.2017: Cfp for second iCRM-workshop at WI17

The second International Workshop on Intelligent Data Analysis in Integrated Social CRM (iCRM) will take place at the International Conference on Web Intelligence 2017 (WI) at Leipzig University in August. Contributions...[more]

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18.04.2017: Accepted paper at the 30th Bled eConference

Following the tradition of last years, latest research from our group will be presented at the 30th Bled eConference. The paper by Matthias Wittwer, Olaf Reinhold, and Rainer Alt is on "Customer Context and Social CRM:...[more]

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06.02.2017: Issue 27/1 of EM available

We are happy to announce that our first issue of 2017 has been published. The special theme of this issue is „Information systems research in the media industry“. Important aspects of this field are addressed in the freely...[more]

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10.11.2016: Issue 26/4 of EM available

This year's final issue of Electronic Markets has been published and is now available online. It includes a collection of four research papers, as well as a position paper on Emerging online educational models and the...[more]

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09.11.2016: 6. Information Systems Lecture, 21.11.16 (15:15)

The sixth Information Systems Lecture presents research from Professor Roger Clarke the Role of the researcher’s perspective in Privacy-Related Research. Roger Clarke has spent the last 35 years as a consultant on strategic and...[more]

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09.11.2016: 5. Information Systems Lecture, 14.11.16 (15:15)

The fifth Information Systems Lecture presents research from Professor Dr. Emílio José Montero Arruda Filho on the role of green attributes in customer purchase intentions. Dr. Emílio José Montero Arruda Filho is a Professor at...[more]

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