07.06.2019: Finance IT Innovation Awards 2019

For the eighth time, the Finance-IT Innovation Awards were determined  in the categories "Ecosystems" and "Innovative Technologies" at the Business Engineering Forum in St. Gallen, Switzerland. This...[more]

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29.05.2019: EM- Outstanding reviewers and papers of the year 2018

“Electronic Markets- The International Journal on Networked Business- is pleased to announce that the outstanding reviewers and the papers of the year 2018 have now been published. Based on their elaborate and constructive...[more]

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03.04.2019: Special issue on "Smart Services" in EM 29/1

The first issue of Electronic Markets in 2019 (29/1) has now been published. It includes the special issue on "Smart Services: The move to customer-orientation" with a total of eight articles. In their editorial, the...[more]

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18.12.2018: Special issue on "Data-driven innovations" in EM 28/4

The November 2018 issue of Electronic Markets (Volume 28, Issue 4) is now available and contains eight papers. Four of them belong to the special issue on “Data-driven innovations in electronic markets” organized by Barbara...[more]

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10.12.2018: Digitalization - some structure to a buzzword in EM 28/4

The notion of digitalization has attracted much attention in recent years. However, the topics included in this notion have been discussed for some decades in the fields of computer science and information systems. In issue...[more]

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24.09.2018: FinTech special issue published in EM 28/3

"FinTech and the transformation of the Financial Industry" is the topic of the third issue of Electronic Markets in 2018. This special issue contains eight thoroughly reviewed contributions, which focus on diverse...[more]

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14.08.2018: Final presentations of the eCommerce course

On August 6th, 20 bachelor students successfully completed the optional course "Introduction to eCommerce". During this course, the participating students had the opportunity to design and implement an own online shop...[more]

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