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09.11.16 09:14

6. Information Systems Lecture, 21.11.16 (15:15)

The sixth Information Systems Lecture presents research from Professor Roger Clarke the Role of the researcher’s perspective in Privacy-Related Research. Roger Clarke has spent the last 35 years as a consultant on strategic and policy aspects of advanced information technologies. The scope of his work has extended from EDI, via eCommerce, to eBusiness and digital transformation, across information infrastructure issues, and out to robotics, drones and cyborgisation.

The topic of his lecture will be “Researcher Perspective(s) and the Role of Perspective in Privacy-Related Research“. The notion of researcher perspective is reviewed, and a range of alternative perspectives identified, variously on the economic, the social and the environmental dimensions. In IS research, the system-sponsor perspective dominates. Single-perspective research is juxtaposed against research that adopts dual perspectives, in order to highlight how moving beyond the conventional, narrow confines increases the value of IS research. Beyond this, multi-perspective research is discussed. Addressing such questions enables the discipline to extend its scope beyond the limitations of business school thinking, so that it can also address vital public policy issues. Examples of research questions are provided, some drawn from published papers, and some devised in order to draw out the distinctions and evaluate their applicability and their benefits. Single-perspective research, primarily addressing system sponsors' interests, has seriously negative consequences not only for other stakeholders, but even for system sponsors. These problems are especially acute in contexts in which privacy is a factor, such as B2C eCommerce, investigations into how corporations can most cheaply acquire personal data, and the expropriation of personal data from social media. Implications are drawn for individual researchers, and for the IS discipline. It is concluded that a focus on the question of researcher perspective(s) will both improve research quality and enable the discipline to escape from the narrow confines to which it has long constrained itself.

Location: Seminar room 5 / I 127 (Institutsgebäude)
Time: 15:15-16:45, November 21, 2016,
Participation: public and free

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