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20.04.20 09:53

30-years jubilee issue of EM published

With the first issue of volume 30, the scientific journal Electronic Markets is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The issue contains a collection of eighteen articles, which are organized in two main parts. The first ten papers belong to the jubilee section “evolution and perspectives of electronic markets” and present a collection of invited paper from key people in the evolution of the journal. Besides a position paper and three invited papers, six papers are discussion papers that aim at presenting critical opinions on the past as well as the future evolution of electronic markets.

The seven remaining papers include general research with four papers being research papers in the “classical” format and three being research papers in a new format, called “Fundamentals”. They are all available as Open Access articles via SpringerLink. This also applies to the Editorial on the evolution and perspecive of electronic markets by Editor-in-Chief Rainer Alt, which introduces and summarizes the special issue.

At this point, the editorial team of Electronic Markets wishes to thank all those who have participated in the exciting development of Electronic Markets and who have been involved in making this jubilee issue possible!

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