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The professorship of Economics (in particular Institutional Environmental Economics) was established in 2008 as a corporate call from the University of Leipzig and the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ. The professorship is part of the Institute of Infrastructure and Resources Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business Management.

The research programme of the professorship investigates environmental issues using  the approaches of new institutional economics, the theory of institutional change, the contract and agency-theory, the property rights approach, the economic analysis of law, politics and bureaucracy and the economics of information. Furthermore, methods from public economics and general environmental economics are used.

Application-oriented research topics in the field of international water management, environmental issues in managing the interface in the fields of energy, transport and infrastructure as well as climate change issues are all being investigated. A special focus is on the institutions and instruments of environmental policy as well as on modelling environmental- economics.

  A large part of this research takes place in the Department of Economics at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ. The staff of the Chair and the professorship at the UFZ conduct research on the following topics:

  • The economics of climate change, in particular climate adaption (UFZ)
  • The Economics of using bioenergy (UFZ)
  • Charges and pricing of water services (UFZ)
  • Environmental interface problems in the fields of energy, transport and technical infrastructure (IIRM)
  • Financing transport infrastucture (IIRM)
  • Fees and charges for communal supply and disposal (water, wastewater, waste) (IIRM)

Within the faculty of economics and business management the staff lecture in the fields of environmental economics, resource economics, energy economics, new institutional economics and the economical analysis of environmental law.

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