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Project description

Forschend Lernen

Research-based learning: from the practice problem to the research desgin to the advancement of knowledge

The Institute of Business Education and Management Training is developing and implementing a concept for the university teaching at the departement for Business Management at the Leipzig University. The project is financially supported by a fellowship of the Joachim Herz Stiftung.

In this project the students learn how to research and how they integrate research elements in their individual study processes. In a marketplace, in a workshop, in a  laboratory and a transfer studio the students

  • define and edit research problems with different levels of difficulty and complexity together with experts out of Science and practice,
  • with it link different disciplines (especially economics, technology and substainability) together,
  • design the individual and collective  learning processes as a generative solved problem,
  • reflect systematically the scientific method and the learning process (metacognition) and
  • this is supported by elaborated feedback as well as an evaluation of the performance developement by mentors (teachers and specifically trained students)

Project partners

Joachim Herz Stiftung

Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft

Publications & research reports

  • Schlicht, J. & Klauser, F. (2014). Improving higher education by linking research with teaching and learning processes. Part 2: HELTASA 2012 Special Section. In South African Journal of Higher Education, 28 (3), pp. 1017-1032.
  • Schlicht, J. (2013). Forschendes Lernen im Studium: Ein Ansatz zur Verknüpfung von Forschungs-, Lehr- und Lernprozessen. In U. Faßhauer, B. Fürstenau & E. Wuttke (Hrsg.), Jahrbuch der berufs- und wirtschaftspädagogischen Forschung 2013 (S. 165-176). Berlin, Toronto: Verlag Barbara Budrich Opladen.
  • Klauser, F. & Schlicht, J. (April 2013). Research-Based Learning: How ‘Real World’ Issues Matter to Academic Capability. In N. Tisani & M. Madiba (Eds.), Proceedings of the Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of Southern Africa (HELTASA) 2012 Conference at Stellenbosch University, South Africa (pp. 62-68).
  • Schlicht, J. (2012). Forschend Lernen: Wissenschaftliche Erfahrungen sammeln und Fachkenntnisse beim Lösen von Praxisproblemen aneignen. In M. Mair, G. Brezowar, G. Olsowski & J. Zumbach (Hrsg.), Problem-Based Learning im Dialog. Anwendungsbeispiele und Forschungsergebnisse aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum (S. 186-198). Wien: facultas.

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