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Project description

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Research-based learning and service learning in comparison

The Institute of Business Education and Management Training of the Leipzig University has a cooperation with the Institute of Business Education and Management Training of the University of Graz since 2015 which ist the base for co-working in research and higher education:

On one hand this cooperation shall advance the scientific discourse about the university didactic concepts „Research-Based Learning“ (RBL) and „Service Learning“ (SL) in particular the curricular and didactic-methodic design as well as the comparative empirical examination of both concepts.

On the other hand courses will be designed together and the student exchange will be supported.

Project partners

Institut für Wirtschaftspädagogik der Universität Graz

Publications & research reports

  • Schlicht, J. & Slepcevic-Zach, P. (2016). Research-Based Learning und Service Learning als Varianten problembasierten Lernens. In Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung, 11 (3), S. 85-105. [online available]

last update: 14.08.2018 

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