Fields & Institutes  

Institutes and chairs at the Faculty of Management Science and Economics are organized into the fields of Management Science (BWL), Economics (VWL), Business Information Systems (WINF), Business Education and Management Training (WIPÄD) and Planning, Engineering and Management (TM). In accordance with the Faculty's interdisciplinary standards, our teaching and research is interdepartmental.

Two major research areas within Management Science at our Faculty are Service and Relationship Management and Accounting, Finance and Taxation. Studies in these areas share a mixed focus on institutional and functional application.

The Faculty's Economics institutes are concerned with the research subjects of revenue sharing, money, currency and foreign exchange markets, game theory, growth and development theory, economic policy and environmental economics.

The Information Systems Institute is concerned with application systems, information management and software engineering in economic contexts. With its focus on service science, the Information Systems Institute comprises part of the service management area in Management Science.

The Institute of Business Education and Management Training educates vocational school teachers, with emphasis on research and teaching with digital media.

The interdisciplinary area of Planning, Engineering and Management explores constructional, energy and environmental technologies as they pertain to economic issues and questions. Research interests in this area range from urban development to urban, resources and energy management, as well as respective problems of environmental sustainability.

last update: 10.11.2015