Central Offices  

In addition to its diverse institutes and Chairs, our Faculty contains four central offices: the Dean's Office, the Examination Office, the Faculty's IT Service Office and the Campus Library branch for Economics and Management Science.

The Dean's Office is at the heart of our Faculty. Here, organizational and faculty-wide decisions are made and coordinated. One of the office’s central committees is the Faculty Council, which meets once a month during the semester.

The Examination Office is responsible for administrating students' exams and theses. Its members also provide advice on questions of planning and scheduling a course of study.

The Campus Library's branch for Economics and Management Science is part of the University Library of Leipzig. Since late summer, 2009 the Campus Library has been located at the Augustusplatz campus, not far from our main Faculty building.

The Faculty IT Services Office is part of the Information Systems Institute. It is a central educational base within our Faculty, with course offerings that go beyond the field of Business Information Systems. The Faculty IT Services Office contains several well equipped laboratories and computer pools. It offers the necessary technical infrastructure and information resources for an extensive education in Business Information Systems, Economics and Management Science.

last update: 10.11.2015