We welcome your interest or your decision to complete part of your studies abroad and thus have an experience that will enrich your studies and your life in any case. On this page we compile information on how to organise your stay abroad and how to integrate your studies abroad into your degree programme at our faculty.

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You would like to integrate a semester abroad within your degree programme, but don't yet know where to go? The International Office helps to plan a study visit to a university within or outside of Europe. The office can also provide you with tips on how to best prepare yourself linguistically for your semester abroad and how to finance your stay.

Would you like to study at a university in Europe or study at a university on another continent? Thanks to the exchange places at our partner universities both in Europe and worldwide, numerous paths are open to you.

Study exchanges in Europe can be completed via Erasmus+ or within the framework of higher education networks such as the Utrecht Network or the European Higher Education Alliance Arqus. You can find extensive information on the Erasmus+ study exchange on the Page of the Erasmus+ subject coordinator Prof. Dr. Harald Wiese. You can find extensive information on exchanges within the framework of university networks as well as on worldwide study exchanges on the pages of the International Office.

You can have credits earned abroad recognised in your degree programme. In the compulsory area of the degree programmes, an individual and careful examination of the adequacy takes place. In the Bachelor's degree programme, recognition can easily be granted in the compulsory elective area and in the Master's degree programme in the elective area. If you have any questions in this regard, you are very welcome to contact the mentoring team.

Please apply for formal recognition of the credits achieved abroad with the corresponding forms from the Head of the Study Office. Please enclose the relevant performance record (in general the Transcript of Records) and the module descriptions in German or English with your application.


Planning, organising and implementing a semester abroad is a very complex subject. Please appreciate that we cannot show all the topics on one web page. The Mentoring team is very happy to help answer your detailed questions at all stages of your study abroad - from the decision-making process to applying for credits earned abroad.

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