DGF Conference Leipzig, Germany, Sept. 25-26, 2015  

General time schedule

  from till
Paper submission February 2nd, 2015 April 30th, 2015
Review of Papers May 15th, 2015 June 26th, 2015
Acceptance notifications June 29th, 2015 July 20th, 2015
Upload of final papers August 3rd, 2015 September 2nd, 2015
Participant registration February 2nd, 2015 September 11th, 2015
Early participant registration February 2nd, 2015 August 7th, 2015
Publication of conference program   September 7th, 2015
Conference September 25th, 2015 September 26th, 2015

Meeting agenda

The following meeting agenda is preliminary. Please note, the organisation team must reserve the right to change the meeting agenda without notification to the registered participants at any time. A more detailed agenda (showing the presentations within the sessions) is available here

letzte Änderung: 22.09.2015