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Why come to Leipzig?

1. our study program that diligent students will enjoy

2. lots of other good reasons:

  • The Lonely Planet claims: "In Goethe’s Faust, a character named Frosch calls Leipzig ‘a little Paris’. He was wrong – Leipzig is more fun..."
  • In 2010, Leipzig is in the Top 10 of the World's Places to Go according to the New York Times (read the article to understand why.)
  • The German Newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung praises Leipzig here.
  • Some further reasons are given on the (German) website "Abenteuer Leipzig"


Watch a short movie:


Some practical information:

  • It is cheap to live in Leipzig (compared to other German cities).
  • You are in the center of Germany, and very well connected (e.g. about 1 h to Berlin, Dresden or Weimar by ICE trains).
  • It is easy to find a flat.
  • Leipzig is green with its huge Clara-Zetkin-Park.
  • It is easy to get around: public transport works fine and a bike gets you everywhere easily (no hills :-).
  • There are 36.243 students living in Leipzig. (Some of them are waiting for you!)

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